Upcoming 12weeks…

Don’t worry nothing too exciting is happening.

Well, there will be a few exciting things:

Looking for a new apartment.

Planning some Summer Travels and fun Summer Events

Finals *insert crying*

Summer Semester Beginning *cue horror film music*

But what you’re going to hear about the most:

I’m going to experiment with a Vegan Ketogenic Diet. 

A quick bit of information on Ketogenic Diets:

This is a diet that is high in fat, and low in carbs (see these links for more info: Keto1, Keto2, Keto3)

Last week, and this week I am easing myself into the new macros (this weekend I may have had a massive carb over load…but it’s okay to slip up occasionally, we’re only human.) I’m taking the time to also set up a meal plan, while allowing my body to become used to the switch from medium-high carb to such low carb.

My saving grace is net carbs, these are the carbs that actually count as our bodies don’t process fiber into energy. Fiber is what helps to keep our digestive system clean. 

Stay tuned for all of the exciting recipes I’m going to be experimenting with, those blissful moments full of carbs, and the continual fitness progression.

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